Located at 5th and Trenton is one of Lowry’s treasures…The Lowry Reading Garden.  The Reading Garden provides contemplative spaces or “reading rooms” that provide solitude or a place for friends and school groups to gather, enjoy and appreciate literature. Surrounding the spaces are granite book “spines” with inscriptions of classic book titles which have been dedicated by hundreds of individuals. The Lowry Foundation would like to share some personal stories behind the dedications of these engraved Book Spines and will feature these over the next several months.

The following are a few personal stories of the many

Book Spines in the Reading Garden.

“Our Cat, Toby, recently passed away. He was the most loving and engaged pet we have ever had.  His little soul was so special.  We wanted to honor his memory” By Paul & Holly Bakanowski – Book: For Every Cat an Angel, by Christine Davis

“This was our daughter, Katelyn’s favorite book when she was a little girl, so it seems fitting to dedicate it to her daughters!” By Ken & Marilyn Morris – Book: The Reluctant Dragon, by Kenneth Grahame

“For Mother’s Day, in honor of her love of books – this book about resilience exemplifies how stories can expand your thinking in so many ways.” By Stephen Martin – Book: The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls

“Elizabeth has always been fascinated by the Holocaust and loved reading every painful word in this important book. This is dedicated to her in hopes that the world never again endures anything like it.”  By Susan McLoon Hodson – Book: Night, by Elie Wiesel

“This is a very special book for our daughter, (pre) Valerie Ginsburg. This book was the title of her “best day’ which she wrote about to matriculate at the University of Pennsylvania.” By Stanley & Toby Ginsburg – Book: Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott

“Our Aunt Bettye was like a mother to the Blocker children. She was very close to our own mother who was killed by a drunk driver when we were quite young.  She had a wonderful sense of humor and loved us like her own.” By Patricia Blocker – Book: Holy Bible, by 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

“Thanks to her mother, my stepdaughter Aviva Siegel, Alison is an avid reader with a fabulous imagination and sense of adventure!” By Helen Hand – Book: Graceling Realm Series, by Kristin Cashore

“Billy & I worked together at the Lowry Redevelopment Authority (LRA) for many years. He was a good, kind, hard-working man and we shared a joy for dogs.  He passed away this year.  I’m not sure Billy knew how special he was to many of us that worked with him at LRA.  He is deeply missed.” By Deanna Kaskie – Book: Goodbye, My Friend, by Devon O’Day

“My mom had an aggressive form of breast cancer. She completed chemo and radiation one year ago and is, thankfully, cancer free.  This dedication celebrates her, from all who love her.” By Amy DeVan & Alan Koenig – Book: All Things Bright and Beautiful, by James Herriot

‘Thane maintains that this is the best spy novel (or just novel) ever written.” By Susan McLoon Hodson – Book: Smiley’s People, by John le Carre`

Consider creating a lasting memory for your family by dedicating a book spine through the Lowry Foundation. Information and the Order Form are available at the Garden as well as on our web site www.thelowryfoundation.org If you have purchased a book spine in the past and would like to share your story, please email it to lowryfoundation@gmail.com


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