Lowry loves its canine companions and the city of Denver wants to make sure that our parks and open spaces are safe for pets and people – especially children – by making sure dogs are on-leash when walking the streets and in the parks and that dog owners are cleaning up after their pets.

To that end, Denver’s Animal Control division will be increasing patrols at Lowry’s parks with inspectors out seven days a week.  Dogs must be kept on a leash or the owner may be fined ($150 first fine, $250 second fine, $350 third fine).  Dog owners must also clean up after their pets or they may be fined ($150 first fine, $250 second fine, $500 third fine).  There are dog waste stations at every park in Lowry, though the enforcement of picking up dog waste is also valid on any public sidewalk or street, as well as neighbors’ yards, medians and open space.

If you have concerns about dogs off leash or pet waste, please contact Denver Animal Control by dialing 311.  You may make an anonymous complaint or choose for Animal Control to follow up with you.



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