19 Feb 2015

Become a Steward of the Urban Forest.

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about trees, advocate our urban forest, educate others, or help improve your community’s tree canopy?!  Now is an excellent time to do just that…

The Park People, in partnership with Denver Parks & Recreation, hosts the Community Forester training program to teach volunteers to become stewards of the urban forest. With the impending arrival of Emerald Ash Borer, there’s never been a more critical time to help build a strong network of skilled and knowledgeable volunteer foresters!

Questions or registration, call The Park People at: 303.722.6262

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17 Feb 2015

New Public Art: Shade Structure

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Hangar 2 continues to wrap-up its imaginative concept design with the latest addition, a shade structure, designed by sculpture artist, Erick C. Johnson. Three “tree” sculptures may jog your memory of a favorite tree where you might have gravitated on a hot summer day. This functional piece of art provides an enjoyable resting spot and shelter at a central focal point in this pedestrian rich area of Hanger 2 where restaurants and businesses meet. Denver Urban Renewal Authority provided the funding for the pieces. DURA reviewed the selection and approved.

16 Feb 2015

Hangar 3 is Open!

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Little Free Libraries are popping up all over the country and now Lowry has one of its very own, fittingly named Lowry Hangar No. 3.  Modeled after Lowry’s historic Hangar’s 1 and 2 and located in the middle of the Reading Garden at 4th and Spruce Street, Hangar 3 was designed by artist Robert Alexander and is the brainchild Sally Kurtzman. The Little Free Library has doors on each end for accessing children’s and adult books, borrow one – leave another.  Funded by the Lowry Foundation, realtor Ann Torgerson and Lowry United Neighborhoods (LUN), with a base of Lowry’s signature blonde brick provided by the LCMA, Hangar 3 is another way Lowry residents connect in this vibrant community we call home.

13 Feb 2015

New Public Art: “Aspens and Moon”

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“Aspens and Moon” is located in Tailwind Park at 5th Ave. and Alton Way (East Park).  Created by Denver artist, Reven Swanson, “Aspens and Moon” is part of her “Dancing Moon” series, an extension of the artist’s figurative sculpture work.  Three aspen trees and a stained glass moon are constructed out of tensioned steel and painted with bright colors. A breeze brings them to life, fluttering and spinning in a dance, creating interest and movement to the hillside. The piece is curated by the Lowry Foundation.

11 Feb 2015

Lowry Bus Shelter Repairs

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Unfortunately, some of Lowry’s public art bus shelters have been involved in auto accidents in the last two years.  The most severe damage was done to Flight Ride #1, the bus shelter on the northeast corner of Quebec and 1st.  Because the bus shelters are also public art installations, it can take some time to find a contractor who can restore the art to its original condition.  SiloWorkshop will be repairing Flight Ride #1 with work beginning on Tuesday, February 10th.  If the weather cooperates, repairs will be completed in 30-45 days.

A trash can was replaced two weeks ago at Flight Ride #2 on Lowry Blvd.  The bus shelter on Alameda (near Fairmont), Flight Ride #4, had damaged sustained in an auto accident and was repaired last Fall.

The Lowry Foundation maintains the bus shelters and did a Condition Study on the art in Lowry in December.  They have scheduled a number of repairs in 2015, including minor damage to Flight Ride #2 (another auto accident), recoating the fiberglass roof beams and replacing the lighting on Flight Ride #4 and replacing the top roof panels on Flight Ride #1.

To learn more about the Flight Ride art series, go to the Public Art section of our Lowry neighborhood Directory.

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