This past Thursday more then 350 leaders in land use joined together for Colorado’s 2nd Annual Urban Land Institute – Impact Awards program. Lowry’s Hangar 2 took the prize in the category of Innovation.

Jim Hartman, design architect of Hangar 2, shared a few of the reasons that Lowry’s Hangar 2 was selected.

  • Solar power, as Lowry’s “Sustainability Symbol.”  Hangar 2 has the largest, most visible, building-integrated solar array on a historic building in the United States. Remarkably, while Hangar 2’s power is provided by the solar array, most of the roof-mounted solar panels are “community-owned” and provide clean power benefits/electricity bill credits to citizens throughout Denver. The two solar power arrays are designed to integrate seamlessly with the appearance of the metal panel roof panels on this historic landmark building.
  • Extreme energy efficiency – the historic hangar building uses 50% less energy than a new building of the same size and function.
  • Lowry’s first Electric Vehicle charging station (free).
  • Lowry Recycling Center and annual electronics recycling event (free). Indoor, all-weather storage facility loading area.
  • Incubator office and retail space (including the LCMA office!).
  • Chef-driven restaurants and Beer Garden that integrate with the historic site layout.
  • Creative building/fire code solutions for complex re-use of two-football-field-sized interior area.

“Our entire development team was very honored to receive this award from ULI.  Our team is a partnership between Larimer Associates and Hartman Ely Investments, as well as hundreds of other key people and companies that helped us create the finished Hangar 2 property over many phases of development since 2008. It was great recognition for the many years of implementing innovative features and creative spaces at Hangar 2 that now benefit the entire Lowry community.” – Jim Hartman

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