Many of you may have already met Lowry’s new Community Manager, Jennifer Bublitz, who is with MSI, our management company.  She’s a great resource when you have a question regarding the Lowry community.  You can contact her at 970-663-9685 or by email at  If she doesn’t have the answer, Jennifer will be happy to find out and get back to you.  She may even ask Mary Carr, the Lowry Community Master Association’s Executive Director.

But there are times you probably *don’t* want to hear from Jennifer, like when you receive a covenant violation notice alerting you that you may not be in compliance with Lowry’s Design Guidelines, Rules and Regulations.  If you have received a covenant violation notice, take a deep breath and consider:

A.  You’re not the only one.  If you’re wondering why you got a notice, but your neighbor hasn’t received a notice for their lawn that hasn’t been mowed in two months, rest assured, they probably are already in the Covenant Enforcement pipeline.

B.  The LCMA is run by reasonable people – they are, in fact, your neighbors.  Ask them – they’ve received violation notices, too!

C.  While you might be frustrated about receiving a violation notice, know that Jennifer is here to help.  If you feel you’ve received a notice in error (we strive for perfection, but do sometimes make mistakes) or additional time is needed, just give Jennifer a call to discuss the matter.

D.  Enforcing the Design Guidelines, Rules and Regulations isn’t an exact science.  The intention is to keep Lowry looking beautiful, well maintained and safe, which makes Lowry a pleasant place to live and has a positive impact on our property values.

You can find the Design Guidelines, Rules and Regulations on the Lowry website, under HOA Guidelines, and here, we’ve compiled what is hopefully a helpful list of the top ten violations we see here in Lowry:

1.  Weeds – Most common locations for weeds:  alleys, fence lines, rock beds and mulched areas.  Pull ’em, spray ’em, and don’t forget to pull the dead ones *after* you spray ’em.  Rock beds should be free of weeds and grass.

2.  Dry Lawn – Is there a sprinkler head on the fritz?  Fungus in the lawn?  Change in the weather?  Give those dying brown patches of lawn a little TLC.

3.  Trash Cans / Recycling Bins in View – The rule is that trash cans and recycling bins can be in view from 5P the evening before pickup day to 10P the evening of pickup day.  Outside of those times, they need to be screened from view, in garages or behind fences.

4.  Trees Need Trimming – Eight feet of clearance over the sidewalk and street is the guideline.  Also, dead and damaged branches should be removed.

5.  Contractor Signs – 30 days, folks.  Then they’ve gotta go.  And only post them in your yard, please, not in the tree lawn – that’s a right-of-way.

6.  Miscellaneous Items Stored In View – The garage is full and so the rock bed on the side of the house or the alley seem like good places to store lumber, lawn mower, wheel barrow, sports equipment, bikes, or that leftover half-bag of mulch.  Stow them behind the fence or in the garage, please.

7.  Fence Needs Maintenance – You know the old joke, “What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?  Time to get a new fence.”  Chances are, you don’t need a new fence.  But maybe it could use a few new slats, stain, or need other repairs.

8.  Holiday Decoration Removal Overdue – We’re approaching that time of year.  Unless Hollywood is filming the next Chevy Chase movie at your house, please take down decorations 30 days after the holidays.

9.  House Needs Paint – Mother Nature gave many of Lowry’s homes a distressed look this summer.  While we admire shabby chic and distressed decor inside the home, it doesn’t comply with Lowry’s guidelines for the exterior of the home.

10.  No Design Review Request Submitted – We have sent out a lot of updates this summer reminding homeowners that if they plan to make changes or additions to their home’s exterior, they need to submit a Design Review Request.  We’ve simplified the form, you can fill it out on your computer and submit it by email and we’re processing the requests at a record pace.  *If for some reason you submit your Design Review Request and don’t hear back within one week, please call Jennifer Bublitz.  You can download the form here.


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