19 Apr 2016

Happy Earth Day, Lowry!

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Join the LCMA in conserving water in Lowry

Earth Day originated in 1970 in California as a day to teach the public about our precious environment. Now it is an International movement that helps to remind us to be conscious of how we spend the resources of our planet and to teach our younger generations to conserve our valuable resources.  In the west, water is one of those resources.

In 2012, the Lowry Community Master Association (LCMA) began to focus on installing more water-efficient irrigation equipment to stem the community’s rising cost of water and take advantage of incentives offered by Denver Water.  Hundreds of irrigation heads were replaced with efficient precision nozzles.  2012 also saw the first round of annual installations of “smart controllers” that reduce outdoor water use by monitoring site conditions and the weather forecast and then adjusting irrigation times as needed.  The LCMA has been phasing in these smart controllers, focusing on the highest impact areas, for the last four years.

The result: in the year following the first round of installations (2013), there was a 24% decrease in water expense. In 2015 the LCMA spent 31% less on water than in 2012, despite annual Denver Water rate increases over that period of time.  Water conservation measures have saved the Association and its members $27,843 in 2013, $28,615 in 2014 and $37,155 in 2015 over the average annual cost prior to implementing the changes.

Do you want to conserve water too? Check out Water Use it Wisely 100 Ways to Conserve. Small changes can lead to big savings – for example, Tip #32: “turning off the water while you are brushing your teeth saves up to 4 gallons per minute, that’s up to 200 gallons a week for a family of four.” Check out our Facebook page and share your favorite tip there!

Also, be sure to visit the Denver Water Conservation page, they have some great rebates for becoming more water efficient at home.

05 Apr 2016

Reading Garden Named Best Pocket Park

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Lowry’s little Reading Garden was just named best pocket park in Denver by Westword magazine!

The Lowry Reading Garden is located at 5th and Trenton. The Reading Garden provides contemplative spaces or “reading rooms” that provide solitude or a place for friends and school groups to gather and enjoy and appreciate great literature. Inspiring seating areas, shelters, sculptures and famous quotations, along with a library of Lowry’s favorite book titles are incorporated into the park’s features. Read More

02 Apr 2016

Save the Date, Summer Events

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