12 Jul 2016

Masterpiece Serves up Great Specials

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Denver Parks & Recreation’s Office of the City Forester recently launched Be A Smart Ash (http://www.beasmartash.org) to educate and inspire Denver residents to join the fight against the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), which poses a very serious threat to 1 in 6 trees in the City and County of Denver. As part of the effort against EAB, the Office of the City Forester has developed a plan to treat qualified trees in your right-of-way, which is the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street. To learn more about this plan, when your right-of-way ash tree might be treated and your other treatment options, please visit BeASmartAsh.org/treatment-schedule.

Many ash trees in Denver are on private property, so we’re depending on you to help preserve our neighborhood’s tree canopy! The good news is, Being a Smart Ash is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Identify ash trees (resources available at www.BeASmartAsh.org), regularly inspect for signs of EAB, and contact the Office of the City Forester immediately at forestry@denvergov.org or (720) 913-0651 if trees display any symptoms of EAB infestation.
  2. Talk to neighbors, friends, and co-workers about EAB. Spread the word and encourage people to visit BeASmartAsh.org for more information.
  3. Do not transport firewood or other products from ash trees, as EAB larvae stealthily survive and travel hidden under the bark. If an ash tree absolutely has to be moved, the wood must be chipped smaller than one inch.


How did you choose which ash trees to treat?

Healthy ash trees that are 12 inches and larger in diameter at 4.5 feet off the ground were put on a list for potential treatment. From this list, a number of trees were randomly selected in each neighborhood to be treated in either 2016, 2017 or 2018. Every ash tree scheduled to be treated in 2016 was examined by a city arboreal inspector to determine if it was a good candidate for treatment.

What if I have other ash trees on my property?

Residents are responsible for any ash trees on their personal property.  Contact a licensed tree care professional to discuss a plan for your ash tree.  

There is more than one ash tree on the public right-of-way. Are they all being treated?

To see which right-of-way ash trees are being treated and those that are candidates for future treatment, visit BeASmartAsh.org/treatment-schedule 

Why wasn’t my neighbor’s tree selected for treatment?

Due to budget and labor constraints, we are unable to treat every ash tree in the public right-of-way this year. However, we plan to treat more right-of-way trees in the next few years and may include your neighbor’s tree at that time.  Visit BeASmartAsh.org/treatment-schedule for an overview of the upcoming treatment schedule.

How effective are treatments?

When properly administered by a tree professional, treatment is over 90% effective.

If my tree is not scheduled for treatment this year, can I do it myself?

Yes, but we strongly suggest you contact a licensed tree care professional to treat your tree. Your tree care professional is required to request a permit from the Office of the City Forester. For a list of licensed tree care professionals, visit BeASmartAsh.org/get-a-tree-professional/.

I already treated the tree.  Is the City going to treat again?

No! Please tell us if the tree has been treated so that we don’t double treat.  Shoot us an email at forestry@denvergov.org

Can I refuse treatment?

Yes. If you prefer we not treat your tree, please visit BeASmartAsh.org/optout immediately. Please note: if the health of the tree declines and the tree becomes unsafe, you will be required to remove it. 

What are the risks of refusing treatment?

If the tree becomes infested with EAB and is not treated, it will most likely die within 2-4 years. Once the tree dies, it poses a safety risk and depending on the size and location of the tree, safe removal by a tree professional can be costly.

05 Jul 2016

Lowry Business Alliance Company Picnic

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05 Jul 2016

Denver Days

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Join Denver Days and celebrate with, and get to know neighbors. Knowing your neighbors makes for a safer neighborhood and more fun too.

Denver Days Event Criteria:
Neighbor to neighbor focus
Service projects with neighborhood improvement focus
Cultural showcase events
Residential street events
Neighborhood focused at neighborhood smaller parks
Small business discounts/convenings for community members

Denver Days Benefits:
Waived park permit fees for Denver Days picnics and events
Free street barricades for residential block parties
Free advertising on Denver Days website and Facebook page
Registration Deadlines:
Block parties July 15
Park Picnics Up to 24 hours before the picnic
Social Events in Parks – July 15
Special Events – Deadline Passed

Check out their toolkit and more http://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denver-days.html

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