25 Oct 2017

Letter from the Executive Director

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Dear Lowry Neighbor,

The Denver Police Department assigns Community Resource Officers (CROs) to specific neighborhoods to address crime and safety concerns and act as a liaison to the department. Lowry’s CRO is  Office Mike Borquez.  Officer Borquez has been very active in and around the Lowry community and is working with the LCMA and other concerned citizen groups to address crime and safety concerns in the neighborhood.

One of the things we were recently made aware of is that CRO time allocation is in part determined by the number of people in each neighborhood who are registered on PocketGov, the city’s on-line and app-based platform.

Lowry currently has one of the lowest neighborhood PocketGov registration rates in the city.

Please fill out the short and simple on-line form to register with PocketGov.org here

Be sure to include your address so that you are counted as a user from the Lowry neighborhood.

Once registered with PocketGov, you can view Lowry’s Crime Map and sign up for crime and safety alerts from DPD’s District 3.  PocketGov is also a one-stop shop for lots of other city services – view Waste Management’s Trash and Recycling pick-up schedules, register to vote and find your voting location, contact your city officials, pay your storm water bill, report street light outages or park/street maintenance issues, or renew your vehicle registration.


18 Oct 2017

Leaf Drop 2017

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Just Released from the City of Denver

Weekday drop-off sites open through December 8

DENVER ­— The leaves are changing colors and will soon fall, but make sure they don’t fall on Denver’s streets or in the trash! Starting Monday, October 2, turn fallen leaves into compost through Denver Recycles’ LeafDrop program. Weekday drop-off sites will be open to Denver residents through Friday, December 8. The leaves collected through this program will be turned into a high-quality compost, which will be made available for Denver residents to purchase in May.

Weekday Drop-Off Sites

Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 2:00pm

  • Cherry Creek Transfer Station – 7301 E. Jewell Ave. (Quebec St. & Cherry Creek Dr. South)
  • Havana Nursery – 10450 Smith Rd. (Just south of I-70 on Havana St.)

Please note, all leaves must be in secured bags (paper bags are preferred) and dropped-off during hours of operation, otherwise it is considered illegal dumping.

Another way to be environmentally friendly, break the plastic bag habit and use paper bags when raking fallen leaves instead – paper bags can also be composted! Denver Recycles and Ace Hardware are teaming up to give away 25,000 paper leaf bags this year! Beginning Monday, Denver residents can print a coupon for a free 5-pack of paper leaf bags at www.denvergov.org/leafdrop. The coupon can be redeemed at participating Denver area Ace Hardware stores.

Help us manage the LeafDrop program by following these guidelines:

  • Bring your leaves in paper leaf bags, if possible.
  • Drop-off sites and free Ace Hardware paper bag offer is for Denver residents only.
  • Jack-O-Lanterns and pumpkins will be accepted for composting at drop-off sites.
  • Make sure leaves do not contain branches or other materials.
  • Never rake or blow leaves into the street, as this clogs storm sewers and street sweepers.

Weekend LeafDrop sites will be coming soon in November! More details on dates and locations can be found atwww.denvergov.org/leafdrop.

LeafDrop is sponsored by Denver Recycles, in partnership with Ace Hardware and A1 Organics. For more information, please visitwww.denvergov.org/DenverRecycles.

photo credits: City of Denver

Here are some ways to deter crime on your property from the Denver Police Department and the LCMA:

Landscaping: The LCMA has guidelines for good landscape maintenance that also make our community safer.  For example, keep trees trimmed to provide eight feet of clearance from sidewalks and streets.  The Denver Police Department (DPD) also recommends that you keep bushes trimmed to six inches below windows and three feet from doors.

Lighting and Timers: Motion activated outdoor lighting is very effective in deterring crime. In addition, lights on timers in your home help to set a schedule of activity that is consistent even when you are not present. Leaving porch lights on or having landscaping that incorporates lighting is also recommended. DPD has an extensive list of suggestions around the use of lights, timers, and even radios to deter unwanted activity.

Doors, Windows & Garages:  Close and lock doors and windows when you’re away and when you’re home. Making sure that your deadbolt locks meet the criteria for being effective. For window and sliding glass doors it is recommended that you use an additional locking mechanism to ensure security. Keep garage doors closed when not present, even if you only leave for a few minutes. In addition, DPD recommends that garage door openers be removed from your vehicle if your vehicle is parked in front of your home but not in the garage.

House Numbers: The LCMA requires clearly, legible house numbers on the front of the home and, if you have an alley-facing garage, on the garage. DPD also recommends them so emergency personnel can find your home.

Vehicle Safety:  Keep vehicles locked at all times and don’t leave valuable items inside.  If you park your vehicle in your driveway, make sure it is well-lit or use motion-activated lighting.

Please visit the Denver Police Department’s website for more tips and tricks on crime prevention!

Next Week:  Stay Connected and Know Who to Call

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