25 Oct 2017

Letter from the Executive Director

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Dear Lowry Neighbor,

The Denver Police Department assigns Community Resource Officers (CROs) to specific neighborhoods to address crime and safety concerns and act as a liaison to the department. Lowry’s CRO is  Office Mike Borquez.  Officer Borquez has been very active in and around the Lowry community and is working with the LCMA and other concerned citizen groups to address crime and safety concerns in the neighborhood.

One of the things we were recently made aware of is that CRO time allocation is in part determined by the number of people in each neighborhood who are registered on PocketGov, the city’s on-line and app-based platform.

Lowry currently has one of the lowest neighborhood PocketGov registration rates in the city.

Please fill out the short and simple on-line form to register with PocketGov.org here

Be sure to include your address so that you are counted as a user from the Lowry neighborhood.

Once registered with PocketGov, you can view Lowry’s Crime Map and sign up for crime and safety alerts from DPD’s District 3.  PocketGov is also a one-stop shop for lots of other city services – view Waste Management’s Trash and Recycling pick-up schedules, register to vote and find your voting location, contact your city officials, pay your storm water bill, report street light outages or park/street maintenance issues, or renew your vehicle registration.


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