15 Nov 2017

Know your Neighbor!

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Lowry Neighbors, please make sure you know the name and contact information of (at least) your immediate neighbors.  Knowing how to get in touch with your neighbors helps make Lowry safer. We have created a simple contact sheet, which you can download below.

Here are some real-life situations that highlight why this is important:

  • Denver Police have reported nearly 200 garage doors left open by residents who were not at home.  Criminals drive Lowry looking for open garage doors – it takes seconds and garage theft is reported weekly by Lowry residents.  Know how to alert your neighbor to a garage door left open and know who to call if you suspect you left your own garage door open.
  • The LCMA, who does not have phone numbers for most residents, gets calls about urgent situations at neighbors’ homes regularly.  Burst backflows with water spewing everywhere, sprinkler systems running non-stop, front doors left wide open – make sure your neighbors know how to reach you, especially when you are out of town.
  • ‘Tis the season…for package theft from porches.  If you know an important package has been delivered and you may not be home for a while, send a text to your neighbors to see if anyone is home to grab it for you.
  • Criminals that have robbed a house have hidden in neighbors’ yards while police search for them.  Know how to alert your neighbors to on-going criminal activity.

When a few homes are easy targets for theft and other crimes, it attracts crime to the entire neighborhood.  Our meetings with Denver Police illustrate over and over again how absolutely critical it is to know your neighbors and how to reach them.   

Download this handy PDF to help you record Neighbor Information as you gather it! Download Here.

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