Expectant parents now have a new option for healthcare, right in the neighborhood! Hygge Birth and Baby recently opened its doors in Lowry at 8111 East Lowry Boulevard, Suite 230. Hygge is the first independent birth center in the city limits of Denver, and offers holistic prenatal care, midwife-assisted birth, and postpartum wellness support.

“At Hygge Birth and Baby, we are about empowering women and families,” says co-founder Tara Duncan. “By preparing the mind and body for birth through education and support, families can take back their birth experience.” The center has four homey birth suites, which are outfitted with birthing tubs, and decorated with soothing lights, cozy bedding, and soft colors. Waiting families can sit in the fireplace lounge, where a full kitchen allows them to prepare snacks and warm drinks.

One of four birthing suites at Hygge Birth and Baby

The center has a holistic approach to care: pregnant people can supplement their prenatal wellness appointments, conducted on site, with prenatal acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage. A series of classes, open to families of all types, covers everything from common first trimester discomforts to childbirth preparation to breastfeeding to newborn care. Hygge’s midwives provide well-woman care in addition to prenatal care, and a Family Services Coordinator on staff will work with families on issues such as adoption, surrogacy, and postpartum depression. The birth center is also a location for Baby Café USA, a non-profit that supports families in breastfeeding support, as well as a drop off and pick up location for Mother’s Milk Bank.

If all this sounds like what you have been looking for, or if you want to learn more, the all-woman care team at Hygge would be happy to give you a tour. The office is open seven days a week 9:00 to 4:30 and 24 hours for birth. To schedule an informational tour, visit Hygge’s tour site here.

Lowry United Neighborhoods (LUN) is Recruiting Members!
Lowry United Neighborhoods is in search of both general members and future Board members. The LUN Board held a strategic planning retreat in 2018 and identified strengthening the Board and building membership as two main goals for 2019. Will you join them?
There are no requirements to being a general member. By registering, you will receive news updates about the Lowry community and LUN activities such as quarterly meetings.  Interested residents can register by entering your information here.  Information will be kept confidential except for LUN use.
Board members should be residents of Lowry, are asked to attend monthly meetings, and complete 1-3 hours of volunteer work each month. Other relevant qualifications include a passion for living in Lowry, marketing, communications, event planning, volunteer, community service, advocacy, local government, planning and/or development experience. LUN seeks members from different parts of Lowry and particularly from East Park, Boulevard One, and North West neighborhoods, where current representation is limited.  Interested residents should submit an email sharing relevant qualifications and interest to ginafebbraro@gmail.com.  The Board will select new Board members in February/March 2019.

More about LUN…
LUN was founded in 2007 as a Registered Neighborhood Organization within the City and County of Denver. Registered neighborhood organization (RNO) differ from homeowners’ associations (HOA) such as the LCMA.  Whereas an HOA is focused on maintaining homeowners’ property interests,  an RNO is a voluntary organization of residents (both renters and property owners).  As the City website explains,  “RNOs are an important part of the fabric of the city and play a key role in the ongoing effort to make Denver a great place to live and work.”
This mission of LUN is to enhance the quality of life and build a sense of community in Lowry by engaging neighbors and representing community voice when working with local organizations and the City of Denver. Since 2007,  LUN has worked to make crossing busy streets safer, to hold recycling events, to promote various food and clothing drives, and to influence city and Lowry planning.  

Eisenhower Chapel
The Eisenhower Chapel faces the Plaza

The Eisenhower Memorial Chapel No. 1 is an important part of Lowry’s history — it was the first chapel to be built on the Lowry Air Force Base and was dedicated just fourteen days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This non-denominational gathering place was originally one of four chapels that were built for enlistees to have a place of worship.  While the other three buildings have since been demolished, Building 27 was preserved due to its connection to President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower who attended services with his wife Mamie during the summers of his administration. The Chapel was listed on the National Historic Registry in 1981; in 2007 it was moved 40 degrees to face the Plaza. The Eisenhower Chapel is a vital part of current day Lowry, too: it’s the site for community meetings, home to a congregation, and hosts annual events such as the Speaker Series.

The siding of the Chapel is in dire need of restoration. The “Side With Us” Restoration Campaign launched in late 2018 to raise funds to restore the historic siding of the Chapel. The Lowry Community Master Association was able to match $10,000 in your donations to launch the campaign! The Colorado State Historic Fund also provided a $104,000 matching grant, bringing the Campaign closer to its $204,000 goal. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! If you have not donated yet, you can do so here. Keep an eye on the thermometer sign at the front of the Chapel to see how your gift has or will impact the project!

The Lowry Foundation has given thousands of dollars in community grants to help fund exciting and creative local projects in education, art, theater and events. The intent of the Community Grants Program is to redirect funds into the community for projects that will enrich life at Lowry. The Lowry Foundation participates in events throughout the year which help to partially fund these grants. Your Lowry Community Master Association matches contributions to help fund this program.

Congratulations to the most recent Grant winners:

John Hand Theater – To provide building improvements
Denver Urban Gardens – To provide materials for improvements to the Lowry Family Community Garden
Lowry Elementary – Food For Kids Backpack Program
Denver Public Library Schlessman Family Branch – To help sustain family programs such as the Memory Café and the Little University
Sally Kurtzman – To provide funding needed to produce a map of Lowry

For more information about the Grant program, visit the Lowry Foundation’s website.

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