Initiative 300 would change how the city’s public spaces are used, allowing public camping for an indefinite period of time in City of Denver spaces, including these locations in Lowry:

Sunset Park (maintained by LCMA, land is right-of-way owned by City of Denver)

Crescent Park (8th Ave)          

Great Lawn Park (Lowry Blvd)        

Bayaud Park (Bayaud, Quebec east to Fairmount)

Uulanbataar Park (6th Ave)    

Lowry Sports Park (Lowry Blvd)      

Jackie Robinson Field

Montclair Rec Center & adjacent open space                        

Schlessman Library

Kelly Road Dam & Open Space (11th to Lowry Blvd, Uinta to Yosemite, adjacent Great Lawn)

Westerly Creek Dam & Open Space             

Lowry Dog Park        

All Alleys in Park Heights area of Lowry (owned by City of Denver)

All Lowry Residential and Business Tree Lawns (grassy strip between sidewalk & street)

All Lowry Sidewalks                         

6th Ave Median (Quebec east to Uinta)

5th Ave Median (adjacent to Stanley British)            

Most Walls & Monuments around Lowry

Roundabouts on Lowry Blvd            

Walking Paths            

Bike Trails

Denver InterNeighborhood Cooperation provided neighborhoods with more information:

Denver InterNeighborhood Cooperation Initiative 300 Presentation
City Attorney on Initiative 300 Impact

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