Reading Garden

The Lowry Reading Garden is located at 5th and Trenton. The Reading Garden provides contemplative spaces or “reading rooms” that provide solitude or a place for friends and school groups to gather and enjoy and appreciate great literature. Inspiring seating areas, shelters, sculptures and famous quotations, along with a library of Lowry’s favorite book titles are incorporated into the park’s features. For a list of all the quotes click here.

The Borden family kindly donated all of the Reading Garden’s art, created by sculpture artist Fred Meyers (deceased). The Garden is dedicated to the late Lewis Borden and it won the Mayor’s Design Award in 2009.

“Lew was a very bright man who had diverse ideas about business and the community and how those two entities related to each other. When approached to join The Lowry Foundation Board in its inception, he knew he was looking at an opportunity to use his expertise to help this young developing town. Lowry became a passion for him. His love of art combined with nature was the perfect formula to create a community that would be rich with artistic design.”

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