“Tulga”  is a stylized Mongolian fireplace. It is located at the north end of the Ulaanbaatar Park overlooking Lowry’s historic buildings especially the Steam Plant. Ulannbattar Park is at East 5th Avenue & Syracuse St and is named after Denver’s sister city in Mongolia. This a towering 20 foot x 7’6″ stainless steel sculpture,  was created by artist Tsogtsaikhan Mijid in 2009.

In the Mongolian culture, the Tulga is an open fireplace representing the spirit of the most esteemed piece of the nomad household. The Tulga and this public art representation has deeply rooted symbolic footing for the ethnic identity and migration of Mongolians that reside in America. In addition to being a symbol of warmth and comfort, the Tulga Sculpture represents the spirit of the home. The three rings represent the sun, the moon, and the stars. The top of the four legs are sculpted to imitate a birds head,  the birds which protect the fire. For the base mount of the sculpture, I decided to incorporate/engrave the symbol of the endless knot pattern in the center of the circular base platform, which represent infinity and eternal bliss, foreboding an eternity of good omen for our children and the people who visit the park. The specific positioning of the sculpture also equate the Tulga in alignment with the earth, as each of its four legs are an alignment to the four cardinal directions.

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