Independent Birth Center Opens in Lowry

Expectant parents now have a new option for healthcare, right in the neighborhood! Hygge Birth and Baby recently opened its doors in Lowry at 8111 East Lowry Boulevard, Suite 230. Hygge is the first independent birth center in the city limits of Denver, and offers holistic prenatal care, midwife-assisted birth, and postpartum wellness support.

“At Hygge Birth and Baby, we are about empowering women and families,” says co-founder Tara Duncan. “By preparing the mind and body for birth through education and support, families can take back their birth experience.” The center has four homey birth suites, which are outfitted with birthing tubs, and decorated with soothing lights, cozy bedding, and soft colors. Waiting families can sit in the fireplace lounge, where a full kitchen allows them to prepare snacks and warm drinks.

One of four birthing suites at Hygge Birth and Baby

The center has a holistic approach to care: pregnant people can supplement their prenatal wellness appointments, conducted on site, with prenatal acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage. A series of classes, open to families of all types, covers everything from common first trimester discomforts to childbirth preparation to breastfeeding to newborn care. Hygge’s midwives provide well-woman care in addition to prenatal care, and a Family Services Coordinator on staff will work with families on issues such as adoption, surrogacy, and postpartum depression. The birth center is also a location for Baby Café USA, a non-profit that supports families in breastfeeding support, as well as a drop off and pick up location for Mother’s Milk Bank.

If all this sounds like what you have been looking for, or if you want to learn more, the all-woman care team at Hygge would be happy to give you a tour. The office is open seven days a week 9:00 to 4:30 and 24 hours for birth. To schedule an informational tour, visit Hygge’s tour site here.

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