Lowry’s Parks

What better way to spend springtime in Lowry then in one of the eighteen parks that provide nearly 800 acres of recreation and natural reserve space. Lowry’s parks harmonize with Colorado’s environment, with 35 percent of the total acreage devoted to native plants and grasses and less than half sod, some of which include low-irrigation grass varieties.

Lowry offers a variety of parks and open space, including a sports complex, dog park, natural walking trails, parks perfect for hosting an event with pavilions and  grills, great family-friendly parks with play spaces and space to picnic, meandering green spaces, and the Reading Garden, a quite contemplative space featuring some of Lowry’s most spectacular public art.

Some of Lowry’s parks are owned and maintained by the LCMA and others by the City of Denver Parks and Recreation.  Parks owned by the LCMA may not be reserved nor used for commercial or organizational events, but the City of Denver parks are available for reservations.  See the list below and link to the Denver Parks and Recreation website for instructions on how to reserve a park.  LCMA parks are generally smaller and open to private use by Lowry residents and their guests.  The LCMA’s park policy may be viewed here.

You can report maintenance or graffiti issues in an LCMA park by calling (720) 583-5262. You can report maintenance or graffiti issues in a Denver Parks and Recreation park by calling 311. If there is suspicious activity in any of the parks, please call either the Denver Police Department’s non-emergency number (720) 913-2000 or 9-1-1. For more information about crime prevention see here.

LCMA-owned and maintained parks with playground areas, benches, trash cans, and shade structures are:
Liberator Park
Mustang Park
Sunset Park
Tailwind Park

LCMA-owned and maintained park with seating and public art (including Hangar 3 Little Free Library!), but no play structure:  The Reading Garden

LCMA-owned and maintained open spaces (may feature walking trails and seating, but no play structures): 
Linear Park
Maple Park
Powerhouse Pedestrian Plaza
Quantum Park
Roslyn Park

City of Denver Parks
Available for reservations and usually include covered seating areas, grills and recreational areas:
Bayaud Park
City of Ulaanbaatar Park
Crescent Park
Great Lawn Park

City of Denver Open Spaces
Lowry Sports Complex
Yosemite Open Space
Westerly Creek Dam
Lowry Dog Park

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