Initiative 300 would change how the city’s public spaces are used, allowing public camping for an indefinite period of time in City of Denver spaces, including these locations in Lowry: Sunset Park (maintained by LCMA, land is right-of-way owned by City of Denver) Crescent Park (8th Ave)           Great Lawn Park (Lowry Blvd)         Bayaud Park (Bayaud, […]

Expectant parents now have a new option for healthcare, right in the neighborhood! Hygge Birth and Baby recently opened its doors in Lowry at 8111 East Lowry Boulevard, Suite 230. Hygge is the first independent birth center in the city limits of Denver, and offers holistic prenatal care, midwife-assisted birth, and postpartum wellness support. “At Hygge […]

Lowry United Neighborhoods (LUN) is Recruiting Members!Lowry United Neighborhoods is in search of both general members and future Board members. The LUN Board held a strategic planning retreat in 2018 and identified strengthening the Board and building membership as two main goals for 2019. Will you join them? There are no requirements to being a general member. […]

The Eisenhower Memorial Chapel No. 1 is an important part of Lowry’s history — it was the first chapel to be built on the Lowry Air Force Base and was dedicated just fourteen days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This non-denominational gathering place was originally one of four chapels that were built for enlistees […]

The Lowry Foundation has given thousands of dollars in community grants to help fund exciting and creative local projects in education, art, theater and events. The intent of the Community Grants Program is to redirect funds into the community for projects that will enrich life at Lowry. The Lowry Foundation participates in events throughout the […]

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