11 Feb 2015

Lowry Bus Shelter Repairs

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Unfortunately, some of Lowry’s public art bus shelters have been involved in auto accidents in the last two years.  The most severe damage was done to Flight Ride #1, the bus shelter on the northeast corner of Quebec and 1st.  Because the bus shelters are also public art installations, it can take some time to […]

07 Feb 2015

Save the Dates for LCMA Board Meetings

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Save the dates for Lowry Community Master Association Board of Directors Meetings. Meetings are 6-8P at the Eisenhower Chapel, Eisenhower Chapel, 293 Roslyn St., Denver, CO 80230. Meetings are open to all LCMA members. Dates: Thurs 3/26 Thurs 5/28 Thurs 6/25 Thurs 8/27 Thurs 9/24 Mon 11/2 The Lowry Community Master Association’s Annual Members Meeting […]

05 Feb 2015

What do I do if I find a lost pet?

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Northwest neighbor Heidi Normandin wrote a primer for Lowry on what to do if you find a lost pet: Dear neighbors: I volunteer at a large shelter in Denver. If you find a lost dog, there are a couple things you can do to more quickly reunite him with his owner. (Of course if the […]

The Lowry Business Alliance is a great resource if you are doing business in Lowry or are a business professional who lives in Lowry. The purpose of the Lowry Business Alliance is to foster a vibrant professional community by providing opportunities for connection and collaboration among Lowry businesses including residents doing business outside Lowry. By promoting neighborhood […]

27 Jan 2015

Lowry’s Dining District @ Hangar 2

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Lowry’s Dining District continues to unfold with the additions of Café Mercato, North County, and, opening in February, Bubu. They join Lowry Beer Garden and soon to open Maui Wowi (in the space formerly occupied by the Laughing Latte). Located at Hanger 2, the project is a collaboration between Larimer Associates and Hartman Ely Investments designed by Semple Brown […]

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