Lowry loves its canine companions and the city of Denver wants to make sure that our parks and open spaces are safe for pets and people – especially children – by making sure dogs are on-leash when walking the streets and in the parks and that dog owners are cleaning up after their pets. To that end, […]

The Lowry Foundation is delighted to announce that East Park’s first Public Art installation, “Aspens and Moon,” is complete! To celebrate East Park’s first Public Art installation, the LCMA will be hosting a Picnic in the Park event at Tailwind Park on Sunday, June 29th 3-6P.  Click here for more information. The Lowry Foundation invited […]

14 Apr 2014

Coyotes in Lowry

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Posted from Northwest Neighborhood email list courtesy Heather Bays: Many of you have reported seeing coyotes in the neighborhood… According to the Denvergov.org website:   Coyotes: Coyotes can be identified by a black tipped tail, black shoulder stripe, gold eyes, long pointed ears & nose and long legs Tips for safety around the home: Always turn […]

The LCMA has received requests from Lowry homeowners and businesses to clarify for the community what routes commercial vehicles may take through the neighborhood.  The City of Denver has been addressing problem areas and posting new traffic signs limiting truck and commercial vehicles.  The following routes into and out of Lowry should no longer be […]

Located at 5th and Trenton is one of Lowry’s treasures…The Lowry Reading Garden.  The Reading Garden provides contemplative spaces or “reading rooms” that provide solitude or a place for friends and school groups to gather, enjoy and appreciate literature. Surrounding the spaces are granite book “spines” with inscriptions of classic book titles which have been dedicated […]

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