Lowry Assumption, LLC is initiating a Five Year Review as part of their obligations to the Air Force under privatization of the former Lowry Air Force base.  They are performing a review of the completed environmental remedial actions (where pollutants may still exist) at the former Lowry AFB. You can see what’s new in the remediation process on their website: http://www.lowryafbcleanup.com […]

Hangar 2 is hosting a Trunk Sale Saturday, June 2nd, 8am-2pm as a part of the Lowry Yard Sale. Located in the parking lot outside of North County (94 Rampart Way), there will be only 72 spots available for Lowry neighbors to sell their Yard Sale items. These spots are available on a first come first […]

15 Nov 2017

Know your Neighbor!

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Lowry Neighbors, please make sure you know the name and contact information of (at least) your immediate neighbors.  Knowing how to get in touch with your neighbors helps make Lowry safer. We have created a simple contact sheet, which you can download below. Here are some real-life situations that highlight why this is important: Denver Police […]

25 Oct 2017

Letter from the Executive Director

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Dear Lowry Neighbor, The Denver Police Department assigns Community Resource Officers (CROs) to specific neighborhoods to address crime and safety concerns and act as a liaison to the department. Lowry’s CRO is  Office Mike Borquez.  Officer Borquez has been very active in and around the Lowry community and is working with the LCMA and other concerned citizen groups to address crime […]

26 Jul 2017

Wildlife in Lowry

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Most who live in suburbia don’t expect to see wild animals however they are not that uncommon especially as they are pushed out of their natural areas by more development. Here are a few things you can do to make your yard less friendly for them. Keep pet food put away and never leave it […]

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