HOA Guidelines

This guide is for property owners in the Lowry Community Master Association (LCMA).  It serves two purposes.  It provides design guidelines for property owners who are planning changes to the exterior of buildings and/or grounds.  It also explains the rules and regulations governing the Lowry community.

The LCMA Design Guidelines, Rules and Regulations apply to all LCMA members.  The LCMA Board of Directors has a subcommittee called the Buildings and Grounds Committee (BAG) that meets monthly and considers Design Review Requests.  The Committee has the right to approve or disapprove any Design Review Request.  The LCMA contracts with a professional management company which provides a Community Manager who is the primary point of contact for Design Review Requests.

A Design Review Request is a formal request by a property owner (Applicant) to make a change to the exterior of their building or grounds.


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