Air Conditioning, Air Cooling or Air Movement Devices

Requires submittal of Design Review Request.

Air conditioning, cooling devices and air movement devices are any mechanical cooling devices, which include but are not limited to, air conditioners, swamp coolers and evaporative coolers which are installed outside of the structure.  Window, ground and roof-top installations are the most common and includes garage or attic fans and any associated vent or louvers.

Air conditioning units (“AC Units”) and other cooling devices shall not be located in the front yard unless it is adequately screened from public view.  AC Units located in the side-lot setback should be placed as far away as possible from neighboring windows in order to minimize disturbing noise and need to comply with city and county codes.  Individual room window AC Units or other cooling devices must not face the street and must be removed in the off-season.  Roof-mounted devices must not be visible from the street and must be skirted with material that compliments the building architecture.

Evaluation Criteria for air conditioning/cooling devices include, but are not limited to:

  • Materials and installation methods must be completed in accordance with manufacturers recommended procedures
  • Reasonably conforms and harmonizes with surroundings including proposed screening material
  • Does not create unreasonable noise for adjacent property owners
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