An alley is a paved roadway between homes that provide access to garages. LCMA-owned alleys are not intended for vehicle thru-traffic. Parking in LCMA-owned alleys is prohibited and violators will be towed at the LCMA’s discretion. LCMA-owned alleys must be kept clear of obstructions and obstructions will be confiscated at the LCMA’s discretion at the owner’s expense.  Street address numbers should be mounted on the street-facing AND alley-facing sides of homes.  Alley-facing street numbers may be mounted above or beside the garage door or on the corner of the fence closest to the garage door between 4 and 10 feet from grade.

Alleys should be kept weed-free.  Nothing may be stored in view of the alley – recycle bins and trash cans must be stored out of view – behind a fence or in the garage – and only put in the alley the evening before trash pickup.  Construction materials, storage bins, ladders, landscaping materials and debris may be not be stored long-term in view of the alley. Any trees or plants hanging over a rear fence into the alley must be trimmed back to the fence line.

Trees may not be planted on the alley side of a rear or side fence or within a utility easement.

The LCMA does not provide snow plowing in alleys.

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