Commercial / Construction Traffic (Truck & Bus Routes)

Commercial property owners should make their contractors and customers (i.e., construction vehicles, delivery vehicles, buses) aware of acceptable routes for commercial and construction vehicle traffic, in accordance with City of Denver code and street signs.  Residential property owners shall make their contractors aware of acceptable routes for construction vehicle traffic, in accordance with City of Denver code and street signs.


The LCMA has received requests from Lowry homeowners and businesses to clarify for the community what routes commercial vehicles may take through the neighborhood.  The City of Denver has been addressing problem areas and posting new traffic signs limiting truck and commercial vehicles.  

The following routes into and out of Lowry should no longer be used by commercial and construction vehicles:

  • Quebec to 6th Avenue to Syracuse St. to 4th Avenue to Spruce St.
  • Quebec to 6th Avenue to Syracuse St. to 4th Avenue to Roslyn
  • Quebec to 2nd Avenue in Lowry Town Center to Roslyn

The Lowry Town Center has notified us of construction and commercial traffic traveling on 2nd Avenue through the Town Center.  2nd Avenue in the Lowry Town Center is a privately owned road and not built for nor able to accommodate construction and commercial traffic.

Police enforcement has begun and will continue; trucks, buses and construction vehicles in violation may be ticketed.  Please contact your vendors / contractors and update your websites to show the allowed and restricted routes. 

Appropriate routes into and out of the commercial areas of Lowry include:

  • Quebec Street to 1st Ave. to Roslyn to Academy Blvd.
  • Quebec to Lowry Blvd to Rampart to Roslyn or Academy Boulevard, depending on the driver’s point of departure and destination.

The LCMA supports the city’s actions for a number of reasons.  As a mixed use community, Lowry’s success depends on a commitment by all Lowry homes and businesses to a ‘Good Neighbor’ policyThat policy includes respect and appreciation for the school and residential areas within the communityWe believe that, as business owners, you share our concerns, which include:

  1. The safety of children and those living in this residential area, now protected by no truck signs.  Three schools are located between the west end of 4th Avenue and the east side of Spruce: Stanley British Primary School, Montclair International, and Primrose.
  2. Pollution and noise caused by commercial traffic.  Pollution and noise are a health concern for children, and for all those living in this residential area.
  3. Property values and the quality of life.  Lowry will only succeed long term, if property values are sustained throughout the community.

Thank you in advance for your compliance, and that of your vendors and guests, with these new traffic restrictions and guidelines.  Please send electronic versions of the LCMA’s Letter to the Community and the Lowry Commercial Traffic Map to your vendors, contractors and guests.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the LCMA at (720) 583-5262 or or the City of Denver Traffic Operations at (720) 337-1030.

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