Decks and Balconies

Requires submittal of Design Review Request.

A deck is an exterior, above-grade flooring system used for recreation and generally supported on posts or footers.  It may also be partially supported by attaching directly to a building and it may have multiple levels.  Typical materials are wood or composite decking.  It may incorporate features such as benches, railings, stairs, and planters.

A balcony is an exterior above-grade platform projecting from the side of a building.  It typically has a railing, and is incorporated into the building structurally and architecturally.  It may be covered.  Balconies and decks typically entail engineered plans and require building permits.

Decks and balconies will not be used for storage.

Evaluation criteria for decks and balconies include, but are not limited to:

  • Materials and installation methods must be completed in accordance with manufacturers recommended procedures;
  • Colors must be complementary to the building;
  • Reasonably conforms and harmonizes with surroundings;
  • Does not unreasonably obstruct or diminish the view of adjacent property owners;
  • Placed in such a location as to minimize potential noise impact for adjacent property owners;
  • Located within property setbacks and does not obstruct easements;
  • Complies with applicable city building codes.

Maintenance Criteria for decks and balconies include, but are not limited to:

  • Decks and balconies will be maintained in the same fashion as primary structures
  • Property owners will keep additions or expansions free of faded or peeling paint and will re-stain or re-paint decks and balconies as needed.
  • Worn or damaged deck or balcony planking, posts, railings, stairs and accessories will be repaired or replaced as needed.
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