Flags & Banners

The following are the LCMA Design Guidelines, Rules and Regulations regarding flags and banners:

1)  All commercial flagpoles displaying the American Flag will be lit at night when the American Flag is flying.
2) Educational Institutions may display their school flag or banner on an exterior flagpole, but always in a subordinate (lower) vertical position to the American Flag, the Colorado State Flag and Flags of other nations.
3)  Advertising flags and banners, including those with a company logo, are prohibited on all properties, including commercial properties.
4)  Flags shall not extend beyond the property line.
5)  Seasonal, decorative or sports-themed banners or flags may be displayed for an appropriate time period and must be maintained in good condition.
6)  No owner or commercial member will display or fly any other flag or banner higher or more prominently than the American Flag, even when more than one flagpole is used by the owner / member.  The American Flag will be flown at least as high, and never lower than, all other flags or banners on display by that owner / member.  Further, the American Flag will be at least as large, and never smaller than any other flag or banner on display.
7)  For all commercial entities, in the event that the required flagpole lighting of the American Flag fails or becomes inoperable,  then all due care will be taken with respect to the American Flag, to fly the colors from dawn to dusk, and not at night without lights.  Recipients of an approved flagpole request acknowledge this responsibility, and further acknowledge that a history of non-compliance or community complaint for disregard of this contingent requirement, may result in covenant enforcement action by the LCMA.
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