May require submittal of a Design Review Request.

A garage is a structure intended for vehicle parking and storage.  Information about adding a garage to a property can be found in Accessory Buildings for a detached garage proposal or Additions and Expansions for an attached garage proposal.

Garage and garage doors must be kept free of fading, peeling, chipped, scratched or streaked paint.  Garage doors must close completely.  For Garage painting, please see the Paint (Exterior) section.  Replacement of garage doors requires the submission of a Design Review Request.

If an owner submits a Design Review Request to paint or do other work to their garage or garage door, they will be required to add the home’s street number to alley-facing garages, if the garage does not already show the street number.  The street number should be located and of a size that is easily visible from the alley.  Street number may not be painted onto the garage, it must be hardware that is mounted onto the garage.

Concrete aprons leading into a garage must be kept free of weeds and maintained in good condition.  Garage aprons may not be used for storage and must be free of trash and debris.

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