Lighting (Exterior)

May require submittal of a Design Review Request.

Exterior lighting improvements include wall and post mounted lights, low-voltage landscape lights, security/spot lights, energy-efficient outdoor lighting devices, light fixtures containing a coiled or straight fluorescent light bulbs, LED lights, solar recharging panels, common motion detectors or any other equipment connecting to lighting devices.

Replacement of light bulbs in exterior light fixtures is considered a maintenance item and does not require Committee approval.  Removing and replacing an exterior light fixture, if they are not the same style and color, or adding exterior light fixtures requires Committee approval.

Evaluation Criteria for lighting includes, but is not limited to:

  • Light fixtures and installation methods must be appropriate to the location of the fixture and type of installation.
  • Lighting styles and uses must reasonably conform and harmonize with surroundings, and integrate with the landscape plan.
  • For commercial structures, building-mounted lights must not exceed 3,000K and must have some sort of shade or housing directing lighting downward such that the illumination doesn’t bleed over into adjacent properties.
  • For commercial parking lots, parking lot light fixtures must not exceed 4,000K and must have housing that projects light downward creating a “halo” effect in the parking lot.
  • For residential properties, lights should generally project downward and not emit an unreasonable amount of light toward adjacent properties.
  • All lighting must comply with applicable city building codes.
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