Little Free Libraries

Requires submittal of Design Review Request.

  • Must have a person designated as a “steward” or owner that agrees to maintain the library in good working condition.
  • Must be located on private property and shall not be within or overhang the public street right-of-way or a public easement, including sidewalks (if on sub-association property the governing board must okay the library and its placement).
  • Shall not obstruct vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian traffic, either physically or by a person utilizing the Little Free Library.
  • Shall not obstruct access aisles or paths utilized by persons in wheelchairs or for ADA accessibility.
  • Shall be sized and arranged so that no person or child is able to bodily enter.
  • Shall be anchored to the ground or otherwise securely attached to something having a permanent location on the ground.
  • Shall have the door(s) designed to remain securely closed when not in use and protect the contents from the weather, preferably using self-closing hinges.
  • The following website has some general guidelines and ideas and is the “home” for the original concept of the Little Free Library.
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