Paint (Exterior)

Requires submittal of Design Review Request

Property owners will keep buildings free of faded or peeling paint.  A building exterior needs to be repainted when there are any signs of fading, chipping, streaking, peeling or exposed wood or siding.

Approval is required to paint building exteriors, even if the building is to be re-painted with the building’s current colors.  Approval is not required for “touch up” maintenance, meaning painting small areas less than a full side of a building with the original paint color.

Lowry does not have a list of approved paint colors.  The Committee reviews each submission and approves or disapproves at their discretion.  While there is no requirement for the numbers of different colors used, (i.e. Body, Trim and Accent), the Committee will generally not approve monochromatic or excessive multi-hued submissions (i.e. Victorian).  Evaluation Criteria for approval includes, but is not limited to:

  • The colors in the palette submitted work well together:
  • The colors in the palette submitted are tasteful and harmonize with the building’s existing roof, brick, stucco and window colors.
  • Proposed colors must be different from neighboring buildings and reasonably conform and harmonize with surroundings;
  • Generally bright and primary colors are not permitted except as tasteful and limited accent colors;
  • “Distressed” style exterior finishes will not be permitted on buildings, including trim, shutters, doors, etc.
  • Except as already exists, requests to paint the brick facades or stone hardscapes on buildings will not be approved except through a variance process.

All paint requests should include painting the entirety of the painted surfaces on a building.  Hardship exceptions to paint only a part of the exterior of the building will be considered in the event one or more, but not all, sides of a building have suffered accidental damage from weather, fire, or intrusion. In these limited cases, approval may be granted to paint a portion of the building, provided the unaffected sides of the building are in good repair, and not in need of painting on their own.

To be considered for approval, all painting Design Review Requests have the pre-requisite condition that a home with an alley-facing garage have the home’s street address displayed and visible on the alley-facing side of the garage. If your garage does not currently have address numbers attached, these must be installed prior to submitting your paint approval request.  Street numbers may not be painted onto the garage; they must be hardware that is mounted onto the alley facing façade.

All Design Review Request Forms for painting should include:

  • Paint color chip samples, manufacturer’s color codes or links to the paint manufacturer’s website for each color included in the submission. If the paint request is to “match existing colors” (via computer color matching), and a manufacturer’s standard color chart paint chip is not available for submission, then owners shall submit photos showing in the same picture, a side by side sample of both existing and requested paint for each color to be used, showing the accuracy of a color match between existing and new paint.
  • Pictures of the subject property, with indications for where requested colors will be used
  • Pictures of the two adjoining neighbor’s homes
  • Pictures of existing alley-facing garage – showing that street address numbers are already installed.
  • If requesting a partial building repaint, then also include pictures of the unaffected sides of the building to demonstrate existing paint is in good repair.
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