Parking Lots

Requires submittal of Design Review Request.

All new or proposed reconfiguration of parking lots will be referred to the Lowry Design Review Committee (LDRC).

For existing parking lots, the following Design Guidelines apply.

Parking lots must be regularly maintained:

  • Parking lot surfaces are to be maintained on a regular basis in a manner appropriate for surface material (asphalt, concrete, brick, other).
  • Maintainance may include, but is not limited to, crack sealing, seal coating, re-striping or repaving as necessary.
  • Repair and replacement of wheel stops.
  • Repair and replacement of broken or damaged curbs
  • Repair and replacement of lighting bulbs and fixtures
  • Parking lots should be litter-free and clear of debris
  • The original grading of the parking lot surface should be maintained so that areas of standing water are mitigated.

Dumpsters located in parking lots are subject to their own Design Guidelines, see Dumpsters.

Lowry recognizes that commercial businesses may have vehicles and trailers which service their business interests and the general community. These vehicles and trailers must be well maintained, operational, a functional part of the business and parked in such a way that they do not obstruct through traffic.

Parking Lot Landscaping must be maintained:

  • Dead or dying plant material must be removed and replaced
  • Mulches (bark, stone, gravel, etc) must be maintained in intended areas and in good condition.
  • Exposed landscape fabric must be re-anchored and covered with original materials.
  • Exposed drip lines are prohibited. Drip lines should be covered with appropriate landscaping materials.
  • Sprinklers must be maintained and activated to keep plants and grasses healthy
  • Parking lot should be free of weeds – both in the landscaped areas and in the paved lot areas.
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