Solar Panels

Requires submittal of a Design Review Request.

Solar panels or solar devices are defined by Colorado law as “a solar collector or other device, or a structural design feature of a structure, which provides for the collection of sunlight and which comprises a part of system for the conversion of the sun’s radiant energy into thermal, chemical, mechanical or electrical energy.” Solar panels or devices are typically mounted on the roof.  Property owners are encouraged to incorporate energy conservation into their building systems.

Panels will be securely anchored to roofs, and pitched differently from the angle of the roof only to the extent necessary for solar efficiency. No property owner can erect an object, or construct or install an improvement that will obstruct access to sunlight for existing solar panels without the express written permission from the owner of the property with the solar panels.  Panels must be installed by a licensed contractor who specializes in solar installation.

Evaluation Criteria for solar panels include, but are not limited to:

  • Materials and installation methods must be completed in accordance with manufacturers recommended procedures;
  • To the extent possible, panels will be aesthetically integrated into the structure.
  • To the extent possible, avoid installing solar panels on the front, or public-facing view of the property.
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