Sports Equipment

May require submittal of  a Design Review Request.

Sports equipment includes portable, pole-mounted or garage-mounted basketball backboards; volleyball or badminton nets; soccer goals; trampolines; etc.  Permanent or garage-mounted sports equipment requires submission of a Design Review Request.  Permanent pole-mounted basketball backboards must be 10 feet from front sidewalk and 5 feet from the side-lot property line.  The maximum height of sports equipment is 12-feet.  All sports equipment must be maintained in a clean and neat appearance.  Sports equipment must not obstruct LCMA-owned alleys or sidewalks.

The city of Denver owns, maintains and regulates the vast majority of Lowry streets.  City of Denver code prohibits the use or storage of sports equipment in the right of way, public sidewalks and city streets.  If you have concerns about sports equipment in any of those areas, please call 311.

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