& City and County of Denver Approvals

If a property is located within an area that has its own Homeowners’ Association (sometimes referred to as a Sub-association), property owners need to obtain the approval of their Sub-association FIRST for proposed improvements and THEN submit a Design Review Request to the LCMA.

Note that The Committee’s approval of a Design Review Request only confirms its adherence to the Design Guidelines, Rules and Regulations and does not imply that the proposed changes are structurally sound or in compliance with City or County code.  The property owner is ultimately responsible for completion of the project and final results, including compliance with city and county permits and codes.  The proposed changes must be completed within one year of approval.

Lowry homeowners must submit a Design Review Request Form for most exterior changes to their home or property. Examples include a new roof, exterior paint, patios, play sets, fencing and landscaping.

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