Temporary Covers – Patio/Deck/Sun-Shades

Requires submittal of a Design Review Request.

A temporary patio or deck cover is a manufactured sun-shade cover used outdoors to provide temporary shade or cover.  Covers are commonly made of canvas or similar durable fabric. Frames are commonly made of plastic or coated-aluminum.  These systems are easily transported, assembled, and stowed-away.  Frames should be fastened down to prevent blowing away.  Only manufactured covers are permitted; make-shift covers are not allowed.  Larger covers are sometimes rented for special back-yard social occasions.  Shade covers can be used from May 1st to October 1st .

Temporary shade covers require Committee approval only if the property owner intends to leave the cover assembled for more 48 hours.  Occasional use of temporary covers for periods less than 48 hours does not require approval.

Evaluation Criteria for temporary shade covers include, but are not limited to:

  • Height shall not exceed 10 feet from grade on which it sits;
  • Reasonably conforms and harmonizes with surroundings;
  • Does not obstruct or diminish the view of adjacent property owners;
  • Materials must be made of canvas or similar fabric and withstand seasonal weather.
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