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Requires submittal of Design Review Request

Removing, planting or replacing any tree requires the submission of a Design Review Request.

For removing, planting or replacing a tree in the tree lawn (area between the sidewalk and the street), please see the Tree Lawn Design Guidelines and note that doing so requires the advance approval of the City of Denver Forester who can be reached at (720) 913-0651 or  Planting a tree in the tree lawn requires utility locates which can be requested by calling the City of Denver at 311.  Tree lawn trees that have died must be replaced as soon as the weather permits replanting.  Generally, the removal of healthy tree lawn trees is prohibited by the City of Denver Forester.

When replacing trees in your tree lawn (grass strip between the sidewalk and the street), consider using the City of Denver’s Free Tree Program.  The LCMA’s Buildings and Grounds Committee has, for a limited time, waived the minimum 2.5 inch caliper requirement for trees provided by the City of Denver.

All new trees shall be a minimum of 2.5 inch caliper at the time of installation; evergreen should be a minimum of six (6) feet tall. Trees shall not be planted within a utility easement.  Trees may not be planted on the alley side of a rear or side fence.  Tree lawn trees that are removed or tree lawn trees that were a part of the original landscape plan but were never planted must be replaced at an appropriate growing period during the next twelve months.  For a list of tree species that are permitted and not permitted for planting in Lowry, please see the Lowry Tree List, below.

The following tree species are prohibited in the Lowry Community:

Any species of poplar (Populus) (exception: Aspens are permitted)

Any species of willow (Salix)

Box Elder (Acer Negundo)

Siberian Elm (Ulmus Pumila)

Silver Maple (Acer Saccharinum)

Freeman Maple (Acer X Freemanni)

Ash (Fraxinus)

Walnut (Juglans)

Sunburst Honeylocust (Gleditsia Triicanthos Inermis)

Bradford Pear (Pyrus Calleryana ‘Bradford’)

Mulberry (Morus)

Russian Olive (Elaeagnus Angustifolia)

Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus Altissima)

In the tree lawn, there must be thirty-five feet between shade trees, twenty-five feet between ornamental trees, trees must be thirty feet from the curb at intersections, ten feet from alleys, driveways and fire hydrants and five feet from water meters and pits.  The city of Denver does not permit conifer species (e.g., spruce, pines, juniper, redcedar, fir) to be planted in the tree lawn.  Acceptable tree lawn tree species are listed below.

Trees must be maintained and regularly pruned so as not to obstruct pedestrian traffic, sidewalks, alleys or the street.  The city of Denver requires that branches overhanging sidewalks and streets provide at least 8′ of clearance for pedestrians, bikes, and vehicles.  Generally, deciduous trees need pruning every three to four years.  Regular pruning helps create a beautiful street canopy throughout Lowry.

You can get more information about trees and tree care by contacting a certified arborist, your local nursery or the following websites:

The following are acceptable species of trees for planting in tree lawns:


  • Chinkapin Oak
  • Swamp White Oak
  • English Oak
  • Burr Oak
  • Shumard Oak
  • Texas Red Oak
  • English Oak
  • Shingle Oak
  • Crimson Spire Oak
  • White Oak


  • Sugar Maple
  • Autumn Blaze Maple
  • Tartarian ‘Hotwings’ Maple
  • Sycamore Maple
  • Black Maple
  • Red Maple
  • Trident Maple
  • Pacific Sunset Maple
  • Miyabe Maple
  • Rocky Mountain Maple
  • Hedge Maple
  • Bigtooth Maple
  • Shangtung Maple


  • American Linden
  • Lincoln Linden
  • Redmond Linden
  • Shamrock Linden
  • Chancellor Linden
  • Corinthian Linden
  • Littleleaf Linden
  • Summer Sprite Linden
  • Mongolian Linden
  • Silver Linden


  • American Elm
  • Japanese Elm
  • Allee Lacebark Elm
  • Prospector Elm
  • Elm hybrids (i.e., Accolade, Cathedral, Danada Charm, Frontier, Homestead, New Horizon, Patriot, Pioneer, Regal, Triumph, Vanguard)


  • Skyline Honeylocust
  • Imperial Honeylocust
  • Shademaster Honeylocust


  • Sargent Cherry
  • Black Cherry
  • Callery Pear
  • Chanticleer Pear

Other Tree Species:

  • American Sycamore
  • Western Hackberry
  • Goldenraintree
  • Amur Corktree
  • Kentucky Coffeetree
  • Northern Catalpa


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