Vacant Lot Landscaping

May require a Design Review Request.

  • Vacant lots must be kept free of trash and debris.
  • Vacant lots may not be used for storage of construction materials, equipment or debris unless construction is underway.
  • Vacant lots must, at a minimum, be graded and have perennial native grasses as ground cover to control dust and surface erosion.
  • Vacant lots must be mowed at regular intervals during the growing season. Grass, weeds or plant material shall not exceed six inches in height.
  • If the vacant lot has an existing tree lawn adjacent to the lot, the tree lawn must irrigated and the trees maintained.
  • Establishing a taller, native grass landscape would be considered an active landscape effort and would require the submission of a Design Review Request that includes a plan for establishing the native landscaping and for ongoing maintenance of the native area.
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