Windows, Window Screens & Window Treatments

May require submission of Design Review Request Form.

Windows in a home may require periodic partial or full replacement.  All window replacements require the submission of a Design Review Request Form.  Partial window replacement is permitted as long as all other windows are maintained in good condition.


Replacement windows that match original or existing colors, materials and grid patterns will generally be approved.

If you want to change the color, design or materials of one or more windows, the general standard is that all windows on a single side of a structure must be similar or complementary.  Approval consideration of Design Review Requests for window replacement will be dependent upon general aesthetics, design symmetry and overall curb appeal.

When adding new windows (for additions / expansions), the windows shall be consistent with the scale, spacing and proportions typical of the existing structure and adjacent properties.    Design accent and special purpose windows (e.g., round / fan windows, bay windows, green houses) will be considered based upon overall design appeal

Reflective and mirrored glass with a visible reflectivity greater than ten (10) percent is prohibited.  Where reflective glass is used, such glass shall be gray, bronze, or other similar neutral shade.  The use of silver, gold, blue, green or highly-mirrored surfaced glass is prohibited.

For residential properties, exterior window frames shall be compatible with the exterior color of the house.  Window frames other than wood shall be either anodized, electrostatically-painted, fiberglass or vinyl clad.  Unpainted aluminum window frames are prohibited.  Wood frames shall be painted, sealed or stained.

Windows with embedded blinds or shades will be considered given that they complement the architectural style and color of the structure.  They must be maintained and kept in good working order.

Windows shall be maintained in good condition.

Window Screens

Window screens shall be maintained in good working condition, free of tears, rust and dents.

Screens, shutters or shades that are exterior to the window(s) require Design Review.  Approval consideration of exterior screens, shutters and/or shades is contingent upon general aesthetics, design symmetry and overall curb appeal.

Window Treatments

Interior window treatments are not required, but are limited to blinds, shades, shutters, curtains or draperies.  Interior window treatments must appear well maintained from the exterior of the structure.  Installation or replacement of interior window treatments do not require the submission of a Design Review Request.

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