The Lowry Community Master Association (LCMA)  is the association of property owners in Lowry. The LCMA exists in part to ensure that common elements like LCMA-owned parks, sidewalks, alleys, private roads, trees, landscaping, park equipment, lighting, monuments and walls are maintained and preserved for current and future owners in Lowry to enjoy.


The Lowry Community Master Association is a unique association representing all residential and commercial owners within the community. In keeping with its designation as a landmark urban community, the mission of the Lowry Community Master Association, Inc. (LCMA) is to enhance and preserve the value of property in Lowry by administering the Master Declaration of Covenants, protecting financial assets, maintaining common elements, and working to promote quality of life for those who live, work and play in the community.

In addition to Community Management of the nearly 3 square miles (1,866 acres) that is the Lowry Community, your LCMA dues support maintenance of the following assets:

  • 665,996 gross square feet of asphalt in alleys and private roads
  • 17,765 gross square feet of concrete in roundabouts, aprons & plazas
  • 261,074 gross square feet of concrete sidewalk and edging
  • 185,545 gross square feet of curbs, gutters & drain pans (concrete)
  • 22.5 acres of parks which is divided into 10 parks
  • 163 parcels of land
  • $345K of playground equipment
  • 14,520 gross square feet of ground cover
  • 1,400 trees
  • 89 street lights & 15 pole hook lights
  • $1.75M irrigation equipment throughout those 163 parcels of LCMA owned land.
  • 1100 linear feet of Iron fencing throughout Lowry.
  • 15 brick monuments
  • 3,300 linear square feet of brick wall
  • 1,815 gross square feet of metal trellis
  • 3,000 gross square feet of concrete / flagstone retaining wall
  • 3,085 gross square feet of flagstone path and plaza
  • Shoveling of all sidewalks and steps adjacent to LCMA-owned land parcels.  The LCMA does not do snow plowing.
  • Landscaping maintenance including watering

The LCMA also puts on many of the community events like the Lowry Yard Sale, concerts and movie nights in the park, the Lowry Halloween Festival and holiday events.  The LCMA maintains the Lowry website and Facebook page and publishes a bi-weekly e-newsletter which you can sign up for here.

The LCMA is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, all volunteers and Lowry property owners, who serve three-year terms.  The LCMA Board meets twice quarterly with an annual meeting in December of each year.  LCMA meetings are open to Lowry residents, businesses and homeowners, and are open to public comment. LCMA Board of Directors meetings are on the Lowry calendar.

This year’s Board of Directors is comprised of the following LCMA members:

Joel Malecka, President
Brigitte Nelson, Vice President & Secretary
Dave Harlor, Treasurer

Board Members and Terms
Matt Alcorn (2019-2021)
Robin Ault (2019-2021)
Dave Harlor (2017-2019)
Jessie Johnson (2018-2020)
Joel Malecka (2017-2019)
Zach Myhra (2018-2020)
Brigitte Nelson (2018-2020)
Joshua Thall (2019-2021)
Jane Wilson (2017-2019)

The LCMA has four standing committees that are appointed by the Board of Directors.  Committee meetings are open to LCMA members:

Executive Committee – Joel Malecka is Chair of the Executive Committee.  The committee sets the agendas for the Board meetings and makes recommendations to the Board on things like insurance, governing documents, and community management.  The Executive Committee also manages the Financial aspects of the LCMA, reviewing and approving LCMA financials, managing reserve fund investments, and reviewing the annual financial audit. For more information, contact Executive Director Mary Carr at (720) 583-5262.

Buildings and Grounds Committee – Dave Harlor is Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.  The committee reviews and approves Design Review Requests from property owners, advises on the property maintenance functions of the Board, and awards LCMA Landscaping Grants.  The committee members are members of the LCMA Board, the LRA, and qualified members of the community.  The Buildings and Grounds Committee meets monthly – usually at 7:30A on the second Thursday of the month in the Hangar 2 first floor conference room – and meetings are open to LCMA members.

Events Committee – Joel Malecka is Chair of the Events Committee, which meets as needed to plan and execute community events.  For more information, contact Executive Director Mary Carr at (720) 583-5262.

Lowry Design Review Committee – Matt Alcorn is Chair of the Lowry Design Review Committee, also known as the LDRC, which reviews plans for new development projects and major redevelopment projects.  The committee meets the first Thursday of the month at 8:30A in the LRA offices; meetings are open to LCMA members. The LRA offices are at 130 Rampart Way, Ste. 225.

Executive Director:  Mary Carr
Phone:  720-583-5262
Community Manager: Jennifer Bublitz
Phone: 970-663-9685
The office address of the LCMA is:
Lowry Community Master Association
7581 E Academy Blvd., Ste 211
Denver, CO 80230
The official address of the LCMA is:
Lowry Community Master Association
c/o MSI
11002 Benton St.
Westminster, CO 80020-3200
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