Park Use Permit

Step 1: Which Park are you interested in?

City of Denver Parks:

These are community parks in Lowry are owned and operated by Denver Parks and Recreation and are open to the public.

Crescent Park (8th & Roslyn)
Great Lawn Park (Lowry Blvd & Yosemite)
Ulaanbaatar Park (5th & Syracuse)
Bayaud Park (Bayaud & Rosemary)

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LCMA Parks

These are LCMA owned parks and have their own permit process detailed below in step 2.

Sunset Park (2nd & Pontiac)
Tailwind Park (Alton Way & 4th Place & 5th Ave)
Mustang Park (9th & Spruce)
Liberator Park (9th & Roslyn Ct)
Roslyn Park (Roslyn & 6th Place)

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Step 2: City of Denver Parks

Park reservations are required for the use of the picnic pavilions and can be made by calling 311 or going to Denver Parks and Recreation fees may apply.

Step 2: LCMA Parks

All groups larger that 15 people must complete a park use permit application and have approval before scheduled gathering/event, there is no fee associated with this, however, failure to obtain prior approval for your gathering could result in police action. In order to obtain this permit, a Lowry resident or LCMA member * must be present for the duration of the gathering/event. The permit does not grant exclusive use of the park nor does it reserve park facilities, which are on a first come first serve basis. Parks may not be used for commercial or paid events and gathering of more than 50 people are prohibited at LCMA parks. Questions, call 720-583-5262. Permit applications will be reviewed and responded to within five business days.

To have a gathering/event where space is reserved, please see the list of City of Denver Parks following directions in Step 2: City of Denver Parks (above).

*LCMA Commerical members interested in using our parks for an event please call us at 720-583-5262.

Step 3: LCMA Park Use Permit Application

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