Park Use Permit

LCMA Parks

All groups larger that 15 people must complete a park use permit application and have approval before scheduled gathering/event, there is no fee associated with this, however, failure to obtain prior approval for your gathering could result in police action. In order to obtain this permit, a Lowry resident must be present for the duration of the gathering/event. The permit does not grant exclusive use of the park nor does it reserve park facilities, which are on a first come first serve basis. Parks may not be used for commercial or paid events and gathering of more then 50 people are prohibited at LCMA parks. To have a gathering/event where space is reserved, please see the list of City of Denver parks below and contact the City of Denver for a reservation, fees typically apply.

The following Lowry parks are owned by the Lowry Community Master Association and are for the use of Lowry residents and their guests ONLY:

Sunset Park (2nd & Pontiac)
Tailwind Park (Alton Way & 4th Place & 5th Ave)
Mustang Park (9th & Spruce)
Liberator Park (9th & Roslyn Ct)
Roslyn Park (Roslyn & 6th Place)

To apply for a park use permit, confirm you are a Lowry resident to unlock the application form.  Questions, call 720-583-5262. Permit applications will be reviewed and responded to within 5 business days.

City of Denver Parks

The other community parks in Lowry are owned and operated by Denver Parks and Recreation and are open to the public.

These include:
Crescent Park (8th & Roslyn)
Great Lawn Park (Lowry Blvd & Yosemite)
Ulaanbaatar Park (5th & Syracuse)
Bayaud Park (Bayaud & Rosemary)

Park reservations are required for the use of the picnic pavilions and can be made by calling 311 or going to

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